Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's the Little Things

I like nice people.  It's sad that when people are nice, kind, selfless and so on that this comes as a pleasant surprise.  On Friday my Chicken Nugget woke up with a nasty cough that quickly turned into a watery eyes, stuffy nose cold.  Perfect excuse to stay inside and cuddle - except that I had a million and one errands to run, which quickly got cut to one errand - grocery shopping.  I figured i'd start off with that  nights dinner and work my way through my list just in case Chicken Nugget needed to get home.  Thankfully we made it through the list and in line where we found a school dad, yes dad not mom.  This guy is pretty awesome!  We use to help out in our kids' Kindergarten class together, he does Mr. Mom perfectly cooks, cleans, unclogs the sink, and helps his daughter in her craft room!  Anyhow back the grocery store line.......he offered to unload my groceries!  I thought this was fantastic, I was more than able, yet he saw that Nugget was sick (I was holding her and she was half asleep) he had his own groceries and little boy to take care of yet he was willing to help me.  It's the little things!  I thanked him and told him I appreciated the offer but that i could do it.  Well the checker ended up running around and helping me anyway.  That little gesture made my day, I felt all Pay-it-forward ish.  And so i did, I let the oblivious driver cut me off without honking - I know, I know just call me mother Theresa....wait no I'd prefer Princess Di.

I originally started this post a few months ago, about 2 I think??  Anyhow shortly after the grocery store incident the kids and I were on our way to meet grandma to go to the snow.  How awesome that it was Spring Break and we were headed to the snow.....only in Cali can you go to the snow and the beach for Spring Break.  Okay back on track, I stopped at Starbucks and the person in front of me PAID for my drink, and it gets better I decided to splurge and order a Venti instead of my usual Grande!!!!  I in turn paid for the car behind, and hopefully she continued to trend.  That gesture, the giving and receiving was wonderful and a great teaching opportunity for my Baby Boy. 

xoxo pay it forward

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