Thursday, December 29, 2011

because starting on January 1st would be so cliche

I feel like i'm going to explode!  I feel like, in a way I have no right to feel like I'm going to explode - I've got it easy right?  I have a roof over my head, two amazing and healthy children, my husband has a job and there are a million other blessings I have in my life to count, yet I feel like I'm going to explode.  I feel like I have no one to completely explode to (and the one that I can be uncensored with is off limits) because in one way or another I will offend everyone that I could potential explode on.....O well, I guess.

I've contemplated what I want my blog to be about and honestly, not that I'm some super interesting person that others would find great interest in but I do not like the idea of having my business on the net.  I do not like the idea simply because I'm not a very controlled person, I'm an open book and while "real" bloggers are able to strictly not talk about their marriages, or finances or what ever else should be of limits I'm not sure that I will have that type of filter.  However I've been having this nagging feeling of writing, of having a release, of getting my trials my triumphs my life on paper - err - on record.

2011 Reflection.

Started off the year celebrating my 28th Birthday.  We, the kids my mom and my brothers went to Grandpas to celebrate.  Shortly there after the party planning began for my Girl!  First birthdays are always fantastic!  My baby Boy turned 7 and daddy came home from a year deployment to Afghanistan - not all quite in that order.  Shortly there after the prep for Embassy Duty began but was short lived as Mike was dropped from school due to an injury.  Bittersweet - I was really really looking forward to living and getting to experience a new country and culture.  Then Summer came, long fabulous days of friends and growing babies all hanging out on the front lawn.  And a week long trip to the Utah mountains.  Summer turned out to be pretty great or so i thought......little did i know i would eventually find out that my world was being turned upside down. I still haven't decided if ignorance is bliss.  The school year started and my Boy played his first season of Baseball, and we made some new great friends.  All in all this has been another great year.  I look forward to next year, I look forward to growing and moving on.  I look forward to the challenges and blessings that will come.  It's gonna be a good year, I wont have it any other way.

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