Sunday, May 6, 2012

8 is Great!

My Baby Boy just recently turned 8.  This birthday was particularly hard for me to swallow.  In our church children get Baptized at the age of 8, this is considered the age of "accountability'.  This generated a whole lot of thinking in me, like soul searching type of thinking.  I feel like we are n the "big leagues" now, like now I really need to step up my game and practice what I preach, not to say that I was completely do as I say, not as I do but I would certainly agree that I could do better.  I think as parents we always feel that we could do better.

Yesterday Baby Boy was Baptized and Confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It feels so wonderful to say that.  His Great Grandfather baptized him, this too was very special to me.  The service played out perfectly.  My brother was the pianist, my mother gave the opening prayer, my grandmother gave a talk on Baptism, Sister Bean ( a Missionary for our church) gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and Sister Longhurst (another Missionary for our church) gave the closing prayer.  We sang Teach Me to Walk in the Light and Families Can be Together Forever.  It was Perfect!

After we all came to the house and were joined by our neighbors for an afternoon-turned-evening of family fun!  Cafe Rio style dinner was served, cupcakes we had and presents were opened.  The night was wrapped up with a round of good ole' Texas Hold 'em & I won the pot - 100% beginner's luck!  It was Great!


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