Friday, January 4, 2013

It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to

Looking back, as many have or are doing right now i Can't help but notice all the relationships that I do not have anymore.  Odd opening line, I know but I'm not exactly "on" right now.  Any how I always wanted to be the girl with the life long friend.  My mom always told me that one day my sister and I wold be best friends, which I always found odd due to the fact that she didn't have a sister.....iso how wold she know?  Well, still waiting to catch the best friend sister train, actually not waiting anymore my ticket has been blown away with the last eff you I received from her.  So back to my friends, it's surprising to me to see so many of my x's (best friends, that is) that are so happily moving dare they?  Don't they Know that I wanted to be invited to their wedding, that I wanted to be the one to be welcoming a quick weekend get away, or a relaxing night at Targèt? Or that given the opportunity I would be their shoulder to cry on, or given the opportunity I would do ANYTHING they needed? what gives....what is it that I do or don't do?  I understand that we all learn and grow and sometimes that means apart, it just feels like I'm always growing apart never together.

Pitty party done, thanks for coming.

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