Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yay... i made it back safely!  To my "pathetic excuse for a blog" blog.  I've had so many catchy one liners and cute lil' stories that I imagined telling, and of course, here I am and......NOTHING.  I got nothing (insert sad face here)

So, because I really don't have any incredible intelect intellect to share I needed some type of "starting point" to begin this "pathetic excuse of a blog" blog, drum roll please, I HAVE FOUND A STARTING POINT!!!!  Umm about a week ago-ish my hubby, who's in beautiful Afghanistan, called me at 1 in the morning to let me know that we had been accepted to MSG Duty.  Now for all you hundreds of millions that are reading this ( hi jenn) basically that means that by summers end we will be moving...not only will we be moving, but it will be outside in the country's boarders - Yes ladies and gents we will be moving out of the country.  I laughed, I cried, and currently i'm crapping my pants with the million hundred thousand five billion and six* (* a collin-ism) questions that I have.  This is what we talked about, this is what we've been wanting, this is no longer a fantasy.

For now all I know is 
  • The schooling is 8 weeks long (there is a possibility that this roller coaster of emotions is in vain IF the hubs doesn't pass, but we will have our fingers crossed and our arms folded)  
  • We do get to make suggestions, as to where we would like to go.  
  • We will have two different stations over three years.  
  • When we return Collin will be 10 and Cambria will be 4 - HOLY SMOKES!!!
  • Pretty sure I know a little more...just cant think of anything right now
While I am very scared, I look forward to all of the amazing experiences that this new chapter will bring.  I'm excited that Collin will no doubt grow up to remember what lies ahead.  And I will do my very best to give Cambria special memories of her own.  And of course I'm excited to experience all the new memories that the hubs and i will share.

So, there you have it - my blog now has a beginning, now please just help me remember that it is in fact "Just Another Day in Paradise"

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  1. Glad you are back to blogging! And I'm even more impressed you changed your background!